mile a day:: weeks 3 & 4.

yep, believe it or not, i'm still moving.  maybe not strong & maybe not every day but still, i'm making a much better effort to move regularly.  while the original intentions of this challenge was to move every single day, over the course of this past month, i've graduated from doing something active 3-4 days a week to 6 days a week.  & for me, that's awesome.  the holidays have definitely made this entire challenge a bit more difficult- but knowing i can keep up an active lifestyle during a chaotic season was so rewarding.

since i skipped week 3, i'm not going to bore you with those details.  but for accountability purposes, here are the stats from this past week.

thursday// ran 2.77 miles
friday// walked 1.5 miles
saturday// ran 1 mile
sunday// ran 3.64 miles
monday// walked 1 mile & circuit training
tuesday// NADA
wednesday// ran 2.21 miles

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