pinning & making:: a holiday version.

i love the holidays if for no other reason than i get to make things.  lots and lots of things.  the other day, my sister, mom & i decided to attempt an idea we found on pinterest.

the premise behind the project seemed simple enough, so we went to home depot & asked the lumber department to cut a piece of plywood into 2x2 pieces.  once home, we painted each our preferred color (my sister white and my mom and i, ivory).  once dried, we drew our girds very lightly onto the painted boards and square by square, began to draw.  

pretty simple, right?  well, about eight squares in, each of us hit a point where the negative image started getting a bit confusing.  for me, it was right around santas left eye.  so slowing down a bit, i retraced what i had previously drawn until i found by bearings and was back on track.  

once the drawing was complete, we started tracing the image with sharpie pens and then colored in each space, discovering a slight circular motion worked much better than coloring straight up and down.  each of us went through approximately 2 1/2 pens and had to do anywhere between two to three coats.
but tell you what, it was so worth it!  we loved the finished product.  while each of ours looks similar, our drawings have very distinct characteristics.  my moms for example (far left), looks a bit older, my sister's (middle) looks cheery, and mine (right) looks slightly asian.  

these take about three hours once the plywood has been cut, sanded, painted and dried.  but they're classic enough to last for years and trust me...your friends will be so impressed that you can draw!

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