best of 2012 v1.

i love this time of year.  the time when you can sit back, revisit hundreds of pictures, memories & stories and recollect everything we managed to squeeze into 365 days.  every year i try to change up my yearly recap (here's 2011 and 2010) and this year was so special to pull together because it was a year entirely spent with one another.  no deployments, no two to three month long training exercises...just us, together all the time.

throughout 2012, we experienced so much adventure & learned so much about cooking, knitting, gardening, and home diy projects.  we were so lucky to fill our days with so many wonderful things.  this year also proved to have it's challenges.  leaving our home and our sweet, sweet friends was obviously one of the the largest challenges we faced.  we also had surgeries and the fun task of finding new jobs.  but at is with so many ups and downs, so much good comes from change.

here we are getting ready to ring in a new year and as we reminisce on days past, we can't help but think about what lies ahead.  for us, we really feel as though 2013 will start with a true, blank slate.  new jobs and a new home, new projects, volunteer opportunities and new community activities to become involved with.  i'm so excited about this year & can't wait to see what's in store for us.

in addition to this post, i'll be sharing another similar post with a few more of my favorites 2012 memories later today.  i had so many pictures, i had a hard time figuring out when to stop.  so, just a heads up!

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