mile a day.

as mentioned in this post, i've committed to the mile a day december challenge.  occasionally i'll post photos on instagram using the hashtag #mileaday, but more consistently, i'll be sharing my progress on a weekly basis right here.

i was hoping to start this challenge on december 1st, since i was already behind the eight ball.  however that lovely stomach virus that's been going around had other ideas.  so officially, i began december 2nd and will continue to move a mile a day until january 2nd.

i'll be the first to admit, this is hard.  and i'm only on day 5 and i'm counting any mile regardless if i run, walk, swim or bike.  but i'm also determined to finish and hopefully enjoy the process.  i will tell you one thing, getting out and moving has been so good for me.  lately i've been a giant stress-ball- and a big, 'ol grumpy one at that.  so for the sake of myself and everyone else around me, i'm embracing this #mileaday.

sunday// swim 1450 meters, walk .5 miles (1.25 miles total)
monday// run 4 miles
tuesday// run 1.54 miles
wednesday// walk 1.1 miles

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