sleep in heavenly peace.

along with the rest of the nation, i've been reeling over the sandy hook shootings since friday.  i can't pull myself away from the news reports, the images, the whole confusing story, the unsettling fact that this could have been any school... & there are still so few answers as to why this happened.

in light of this tragedy, blogging about my bake 20 challenge, weekend happenings, and holiday diy projects seem completely insignificant & totally inappropriate.  eventually, things will go back to normal for us and in a matter of days, as we continue to watch the sandy hook news unravel, we'll be neck deep in christmas cookies, traditions, and laughter.

so for now, i think it's so important for us step back, recognize that the holidays aren't always easy. many of us, whether it's a deployment, an illness, a loss, or an ongoing situation, are fighting a battle this season.  in light of that, and this tragedy, i think it's imperative for us, as fellow neighbors, to show some patience, grace, & kindness this holiday season.

with so much emphasis on gifting during the holiday season, here's a way for you to give back to the community of newton & the victims of sandy hook.  or, if giving isn't in your budget this season, do small things.  show random acts of kindness to strangers and your neighbors.  for more than anything, what this world needs right now is love.

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