our 2012 christmas card.

now that most people have received their card, i couldn't help but share.  over the years a. & i have acquired a reputation for our christmas cards.  our pictures (with the exception of one year) are not professionally taken or posed and always entail us doing something outdoors, and are always a bit unexpected during the holidays.

like last year, i decided to design our card.  after looking through multiple sites online, i couldn't find exactly what i wanted.  so i took to photoshop elements and began to play.  originally, the colors of the card were much brighter...like a bright, almost neon pink, green and orange.  the only color that stayed true to the original design during the printing was the blue.  i won't lie, i was a little bummed, but i'm still so pleased with how they turned out.  i printed the cards through snapfish and mailed each one out in a paper source a7 fuchsia envelope.

sending and receiving holiday cards is hands down, one of my favorite traditions.  i love seeing little snapshots (literally!) from our friends and families lives, knowing that everyone is healthy and doing well.  then, once the season is over, i add each card to our christmas card book & lovingly look back on all the growth and memories our loved ones chose to share year after year.

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