mile a day:: week 2.

this challenge is tough.  there's no beating around the bush.  but, despite my lack of motivation lately, knowing i have to move at least one mile a day is getting me up and out the door.  this week was interesting with swimming, hiking, walking and running.  there was only one day (yesterday) that i missed.  and while i could consider this week a failure- i'm refusing to do so.  yep, i missed a day and yep, the streak has to start over...but for me, this challenge is more about getting out and moving on a regular basis than running a mile a day.  so while today starts anew, i'm not discouraged & am even more determined to make sure i succeed next week.

thursday// ran 1.43 miles
friday// walked the mall 1.02 miles
saturday// ran 3.84 miles
sunday// swam 1 mile, ran .6 miles
monday// hiked 5.45 miles
tuesday// ran 2.53 miles
wednesday// NADA

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