around here.

wow.  what a christmas.  around here, all is quiet & all is bright.  the holiday season was filled with santa sightings, and fireside gaming.  lots of present wrapping & present making.  ugly sweaters and unusually cold san diego days.  trips to the snow and fantastically beautiful sunsets.  fondue & chinese take out.  lots of present exchanging, candle lighting, reunions & christmas punch.

everything about this time of year (minus all the crazies out shopping) makes me so happy.  for the first time in a long time, a. and i were able to take our time with each family, make time for friends, and even break free of the holiday chaos to spend time with one another.  we love living near family.  it makes everything, well, almost everything, so convenient. 

on another note, my apologies for the lack of posts lately.  as i'm spending the rest of this week reflecting on myself, our 2012 memories, & what lies ahead, i'm recognizing my lack of organization around this blog makes it difficult to find the motivation to post regularly.  i'm looking into a new process and hope to have some new organizational methods for many, many components in my life in place shortly.

this next week is my favorite.  i love the aftermath of the holidays and the quiet that settles among everyone.  i love the peace & calming as we sit in front of the tree sipping hot tea and reflect on the experiences of the years past.  i can't wait for a new year, a new slate & new challenges.  but for right now, i'm going to drink up the very last bit of this magical year.

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