december goals.

this december, i'm giving myself free rein to have very few goals.  over the course of the next 30 days, i'm planning to finish the bake 20 challenge and while a bit late, i'm joining the #mileaday challenge.

otherwise, the goal is to enjoy the holidays: decorate, craft, cook & bake, attend holiday parties and community festivities, drink warm apple cider while walking the lighted streets and spiked eggnog in front of the christmas tree with a few of my faves.  too few years have we been able to just enjoy this awesome time without the stress of traveling and fair family planning.  so this year, we're just soaking it in.

i love december.  don't you?  happy holidays & happy monday!


  1. It sounds like it will be a stress-free month full of Holiday cheer!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful plan to me! Love your blog. Happy Monday to you too! xx

    1. I thought so too! :) Thanks for the sweet comment!