30 days of no sugar, week 2.

going sugar free, is way harder than it sounds.  for the most part, i've been consistent & really proud of myself.  i'm often saying no to many of the yummy goodies offered to me & am finding myself naturally reaching for fruit when i need an afternoon pick-me-up or have a hankering for something sweet.

despite all my efforts to be good, i've fallen off the wagon a few times this week.  one instance was unintentional- but the other, was just poor, poor decision making during a tempting moment.  one night last week, my family & i drove down to ucsd to watch my sister's waterpolo game.  on the way, we stopped at starbucks to pick up warm beverages to enjoy during the game.  as a new lover to cappuccino, i figured i'd mix it up and try something new.  without asking what the beverage was made with, i ordered a seemingly innocent decaf mocha.  much to my surprise, it tasted like a coffee-y hot chocolate.  hmmmm.... any guesses as to why?!  call it a brain fart, or a subliminal mind slip, but i ordered a wonderful, chocolate infused coffee drink.  i had paid good money for it, so i drank half before my tummy graced me with an unappreciative stomach ache.

on saturday it was a different story.  my mom and i drove down to the little italy farmers market (which, if you live in san diego & enjoy a good market, you must make time for this on a saturday morning).  we started our day with a yummy and healthy, fresh pressed green juice.  as we walked and explored the different vendors, we passed a man with quiches and pastries.  i'm a sucker for quiche, so we stopped, ordered & as we were checking out, were offered some of the other decadent pastries to take home.  my mom and i love macaroons so we ordered a couple & continued on our way.  it wasn't until we were finished with the market and in the car heading home, that i lost my will.  tempted by the macaroon, i gave in and took a bite.  then another and another.  luckily i was sharing with my mom, so after consuming half- i was obligated to hand it over.

yep, stuff happens.  after my slip ups, i hopped right back on the wagon.  i want to succeed in this challenge but am happy to admit that i'm also very human.  there are times i give into temptation- but for the most part, have strongly held my ground and said no to sugar.  it's a process and i'm doing my best to enjoy it.  besides, i still have 2 more weeks to go!

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