adventure 1 of 30: blue sky reserve

last week, i mentioned i'm challenging myself with 30 different adventures throughout the year & figured, while i have the time, should take advantage of these beautiful, chilly san diego days.  with so much going on for both myself and a., i ended up embarking on this adventure solo (well radley came with me).

where i went: blue sky reserve

the details: blue sky has something like 700 acres of protected land and miles of trails.  despite the barren and dry nature of san diego, along the lower trail, there's usually a small stream and somewhere cool to enjoy a snack or lunch.  i chose to hike from the trailhead to ramona damn, 4.8 miles roundtrip.

the first mile and a half of the hike was easy and very enjoyable.  once i left the tree line and made my way for the damn, i was on an unprotected (from the sun) trail with a steady incline for the remainder of the walk.  radley and i stopped for pictures and water a few times as we walked up to the damn and at the base of the damn, we reached a steep grade as we made our way to the top.

at the top, the panoramic views are beautiful.  radley & i stayed only for a few minutes before making our way back down to the trailhead.  the quiet of the canyons and sounds of the birds was exactly what i needed to clear my head from the confusion of the week.  getting out and spending time in nature is so rejuvenating for me; i always feel like a new woman when i return from hikes.
in an effort to spend more time doing what i love, i'm attempting to go on 30 different adventures over the course of 2013.

if you'd like to join me or interested to know more, you can follow my progress here.

this is adventure 1 of 30

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