around here.

around here things have been ironic.  very calm & at the same time, extremely stressful.  right now, i'm in the doldrums of house hunting and interviewing but also, enjoying the process of thank you notes and daily stretching.  in a deliberate effort to find balance, despite being busy, i'm working to chisel out me time and walks on the beach, farmers markets, and long hikes are my current go to.

the good news is, there's light at the end of the tunnel.  a. is in the process of accepting a job and we're hoping to move into our new home in the next couple weeks.  eventually, we'll be back to normal.  living our everyday life, cooking our everyday food and decorating with our everyday things.  & know what...i can't wait!  i can't wait for normal.  there's lots and lots of good stuff to come in these next couple weeks.  get excited!

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