a checkered knit blanket.

i'm new to knitting blankets.  actually, i'm still relatively new to knitting so this is officially knitted project number 3 (here's 1 and 2) since i picked up this hobby late last year.  i chose to knit this blanket for my niece and unlike my first knit blanket, i wanted to attempt the checkerboard knit.

much like the first blanket, i used the garter stitch and didn't have a specific color pattern, i just knit each color randomly and once i started on the last two rows, finally began paying attention to color placement so no two colors would be side by side.  while i love the randomness, i'm certain if i started with a pattern, i would have saved myself a lot of frustration near the end of the project.
i began knitting this blanket shortly before christmas, got really excited how it was turning out, then started getting nervous about how i would ultimately pull the blanket together, lost motivation to finish, and finally, regained the determination to pull through and wrap up this bright blanket.  as you can tell, it was quite the process.
and while i didn't enjoy knitting the blanket as much as i did the first one, i actually loved bringing it together.  ironically, sewing the sides of each piece together turned out to be my favorite part.  & honestly, i just love how this turned out.  so much in fact that i'll be making one for a. & i to enjoy as well.

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