january goals// update.

earlier this month i chose to make january a month of growing consistent.  a month of routine & a month of baby steps.  and it's working for me.

for the past 3 weeks i've actively tried to stay as consistent as possible.  i'm waking up and moving.  i'm getting into the habit of blogging a few posts at once- not once a day- and that has kept this space consistent as well.  i'm consciously making an effort to consistently stay connected with friends and family near and far.  all and all, it's been wonderful.

not having a place to call our own for most of this month made staying consistent much more challenging than i would have hoped.  but regardless, i committed to the routine and made it work.  now that we have a place to call our own (more on this later), it's been so easy.  i'm feeling inspired and creative.  ready to take on each day and dreaming up & designing of our new little home.

also, in regard to my secondary goals, here's how things are summing up:

  1. simplify our life- definitely not as hard as it sounds.  we've moved into a place much smaller than the one we had and will have to pair down our life significantly.  but while we're waiting for our stuff to arrive- we're living as we did before.  with the bare minimum & a lot of creativity.
  2. stretch daily- i'm doing this more often than not (either through yoga or stretching before (or after) a workout).  i love it & on days i forget to stretch, i notice a huge difference.
  3. read one book- almost done with this one!  i joined a book club, so the pressure of finishing & having an enjoyable book to read, has made this rather easy.
  4. organize all blog components-  my favorite thus far.  i'm organizing all my old photos and getting them onto a hard drive.  i'm getting rid of many of the pictures i'll never use (or thought i'd blog but didn't), making sure posts have all their pictures and as mentioned above- organizing blog posts weeks at a time instead of days.
  5. volunteer- last one on my list.  i'm looking into a few volunteer opportunities here & plan to participate in something over the weekend.
with a week left, i'm feeling really good about my commitments for the month.  i'm excited to end on a high note and continue this enthusiasm into february.

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