a. & i are taking a lot of steps forward.  we moved to san diego, are living close to family, found a new place to call home, and are completely overwhelmed with all the happiness this change has brought us.  however, there's one avenue of my life that's not only stagnant but is seemingly moving backward, my career.

it's not that i want a fantastic, high-powered job.  i'd be happy with anything thought-provoking and challenging within the event industry.  a job that i could use the skills i've worked so hard to acquire and build over the last 8 years.  

i'm well aware this is just a stage, and i'm slowly coming to terms with it.  & as i network through the job i have currently, i'm certain i'll look back on this time as a humbling growth opportunity.  but that doesn't make it any less frustrating.  so for right now, i'm doing my best to swallow my pride and just enjoy having a job

while i can't but help feeling as though i'm stepping backwards, i have to remember i am moving forward...slowly sure, but forward all the same.  i'm putting myself out into this new, tough job market and doing my best to make a new name & new reputation for myself.  i'm sure in time, the path i'm forging now will lead me to an career opportunity i'm nothing less than passionate about.

ps. photo is by yours truly & i found the quote via pinterest.  i couldn't find a source, so if you happen to know who said this, please let me know so i can be sure to credit them!  

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