30 days of no sugar: week 3.

finally, my body's adjusted to the lack of sugar in my diet.  my cravings aren't nearly as strong as they were when i first began this challenge & while every now and again i have a craving for something sweet, i can usually derail it with a piece of fruit.  usually.

only once did i go off the deep end this week.  luckily i have a good excuse (at least in my opinion).  yesterday was my mom's birthday.  within my family, each of us have a different cake that we request for our special day.  my mom's go-to is a decadent, homemade, chocolate cherry cake.  since a. & i have been away and have missed most birthday celebrations for the past 8 years, we fully participated in all the birthday cake traditions.  so yes, i had a big 'ol piece of chocolate cake...oh, and ice cream too...

while i'm happy to announce the cravings have subsided, i'm definitely realizing a sugar-free existence isn't a permanent lifestyle change for me.  and that's okay.  i'm still learning a lot about my cravings, what i can do to keep them at bay & most importantly, how to enjoy sugar in moderation.

it's great stuff to learn.  and i'm hoping i'll have a few more eureka moments over these next few days.

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