a new year in big bear.

to ring in the new year, a., myself & my family took a mini-getaway to big bear mountain.  my parents got their hands on a cute little condo right at the base of snow summit so we packed up, made the two and a half hour drive, and spent three, very comfortable and very snowy days in the mountains.

it was perfect.  we filled our days with snow play and took advantage of a sled a.'s folks have held onto since his childhood.  we were rather bummed all our winter and snow sport gear is in storage in boston- but still took advantage of the snow...even if only in running shoes.

not only was it wonderful to spend time in the mountains and the snow (man, do we miss the snow), but it was the perfect excuse to spend time with the family.  we played a ton of board games, attempted to build snowmen, played pool, ping pong & of course, watched the ball drop at midnight.  it was so great to catch up & ring in the new year together and as we sat around the table on new year's day enjoying breakfast, i loved sharing our favorite memories from 2012 and goals for 2013.  i'm hoping we can make these little new year's getaways habits, but if not- this new year was definitely one for the books!

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