hello, 2013.

it's so good to see you.  i have so many plans for this year, so many new challenges & one little word to  guide me through the next 365 days.  after giving it some thought, i've ditched the idea of making long-term resolutions.  i really enjoyed making small, monthly goals like i did (for the most part) last year & plan to use my one little word, grow- to guide me through my personal goal-making process.

i'm super excited about 2013.  i have a feeling, much like 2012- there's so much good stuff in our future.  i'm excited to grow personally, professionally, spiritually, & physically.  i'm sure my word will evolve & the meaning will change.  i'm excited for that as well.  so with much joy, let's give 2013 a huge high five and 2012 a big 'ol hug goodbye!

i signed up for ali edwards one little word 2013 big picture class.  currently, i'm planning to document my one little word monthly & will share it here.  it'd be so much fun if you joined us.  i'd love to know you're little word & see how it changes you over the course of the year as well!

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