currently, life is good.
currently, we're sleeping on an air mattress with no furniture except a couple folding tables, chairs and recently purchased lamps.
currently, we're loving it.
currently, we've set up a tent in our room for movie watching and to otherwise entertain our nephew.
currently, we're exploring san diego by air & sea.  both sights completely rock.
currently, i'm catching up with old friends and it's as though our time apart never was.  friendship is awesome.  i love it, and them.
currently, we're waking up with the sun.  ready to take on the day and our new jobs.  
currently, we're loving the gloomy weather & rainy days.  it's making our hearts sing.
currently, we're eating in.  every night.  and while we only have one pot and pan to our name, we're enjoying the process and the creativity that limited supplies bring.
currently, i've begun project life.  it's taken me a while to get into this process- but i know now it's something i'm going to love.
currently, the final touches on the last of the road trip blankets have begun.  this one has taken far too long to finish, but i think it's beautiful nonetheless.
currently, we're living minimally and happily with very little to complain about.  again, life is good.

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  1. currently, this post really made me miss home but I'm happy to see that every thing is coming together smoothly for you two!