grow, my one little word.

here we go.  a new year, a new word.  as mentioned in yesterday's post, this year i'm ditching the idea of mega resolutions.  to me, they seem rather lofty & unfortunately, i'm the type that when i fall off the wagon, it could take me days or even weeks to get back on track.  and this year, in hopes of being consistent, i'm going to try and avoid that.  so instead, i'm starting the year off with a mantra; one little word to help me focus, stay on track and guide my life goals.

last year, i chose one little word as well.  while i did my best to use the word to enhance my life, i often found, without consistent reminders and constant recognition of how this word was affecting me, it got lost in the shuffle.  and sometime between late summer and up until a week ago, i rarely referenced it.  so this year, again, to make sure i stay on track and allow my word to help me grow, i joined ali edwards one little word workshop.  basically, i'll be receiving monthly reminders and prompts as to how my word is bringing change to everything i do throughout 2013.  also, i'll be keeping up a monthly journal with images, notes, quotes & anything else i feel represents my challenge to grow.

although i rarely referenced my one little word (commitment) the second half of last year, it played a significant role in my goal setting during the first half.  for me, these words are so important and bring so much good to my life.  this year for example, grow found me.  i had originally settled on another word & was working on ways to incorporate it into my life.  working should have been the first clue the word wasn't right for me.  then, while reading the happiness project, i read (& re-read) this quote: "...then I thought of a line from William Butler Yeats.  'Happiness,' wrote Yeats, 'is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing nor that, but simply growth.  We are happy when we are growing.'  Contemporary researchers make the same argument: that it isn't goal attainment but the process of striving after goals- that is, growth- that brings happiness."

and it stuck.  grow.  my one little word.  i knew then and there for me 2013 would be focused on growth.  and to be honest, it couldn't be more appropriate.  in a few weeks we'll grow into a new home and i, a new job.  as we become settled in our home i'll grow into a new city, new friendships & grow the relationships i'm already so fortunate to have.  i'll grow into a new life, new skill sets, new hobbies, better health, a revamped blog and a whole new set of goals.  if i embrace it (like really embrace it), so much growth can happen over the next 365 days.  so while grow is currently in it's infant stage & i'm certain it will evolve over the year, i'm setting off with zero limitations & no boundaries.  if there's one thing i've learned in my few years of gardening it's this: plants always grow to the size of the container they're planted in.  and so- with limitless boundaries, there's no doubt 2013 will be great.

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