2012: new adventures & a new me.

i heard this quote on the flight home from san diego.  it was so appropriate considering we were on the cusp of 2012 and already discussing what this new year means for us.

i know 2012 is going to be amazing.  don't ask me how, but i do.  i know there are big things in store for us and lots and lots of happiness and adventures.  with happiness comes sorrow and a slue of other emotions- and as 2012 embraces us with all it's challenges, we will embrace each day as the gifts they are.

while reflecting on 2011, i wasn't sure how i would approach 2012 and all the many things i hope to accomplish.  i thought better of making a list of things to do this year (there will still be a list but probably in a different capacity) and decided on one little word.  one word that will be my compass.  one word that will guide me as i make decisions- big & small.  one word that will improve me as a person, wife, friend, co-worker.  one word i can reflect upon when everything falls into place or the goings get tough.


i've been chewing on this word for a while now & am excited to make it my own.  that's the thing about words- everyone interprets them differently.  and my interpretation is definitely going to be different than yours.  & that's what makes this project so cool.  as of today, here is what commitment means to me:

- committing only to things i have the time & resources for
- committing to optimism, joy & health
- following through on my commitments to myself and others
- commit to building the best life for my family

i'm not quite sure how i'll recap this word throughout my posts- but i will keep you updated this year.  i'm excited to see how this word evolves for me and the endless benefits it will bring.  do you have a word that will represent 2012 for you?  if so, please share.  i'd love to hear what the new year means to you.  

happy, happy 2012!

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