tv update.

for those of you joining me on this tv challenge, i thought i would give you a quick update of our progress.  the good news: we haven't watched tv this week.  not once.  instead, we've been sitting down at the kitchen table to eat dinner and talking.  like real, involved conversations.  and that's been amazing.
"back in the day" (aka. 3 days ago), our daily recaps happened on the couch, in front of the tv.  most of our conversations revolved around commercials, and stopped as abruptly as the program started.  some quality time.  this week, we really realized how much of our thoughts and conversations have been lost around the tv.  it's embarrassing actually.  yet, i'm so glad we figured this out when we did & i'm happy to announce that tv has been banned from our sit-down dinners. 

on the flip side, i miss it.  i know that' my addiction talking, but i do.  i have found myself wishing for 30 minutes of alone time so i could sneak on the tv and catch up on the shows i so greatly miss.  it's ridiculous, and at the same time okay.  we use tv to decompress.  it helps us step away from the stresses in our lives, if only for an hour and just enjoy being.  or at least enjoy being brain dead.  i've mentioned this to a. and luckily  he feels the same way.  

that said, it's highly unlikely that we'll remove tv from our lives forever, but we do need to engage in some self-control.  for the moment, we're going to keep this up.  maybe until next week.  but eventually, tv will creep back into our lives.  and when it does, it'll be like we're living at home with the 'rents.  one hour of tv a day.  and it will be up to us how we use it.

how are things going for you?

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