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sorry for the late post friends.  my life somehow went from blah to holy hell!  i love the busy-ness but it tears me out of my routine- and as i'm sure you can deduce, this blog.

anyway, wanted to share with you a diy i pulled together over the weekend.  a while back, i found a shadow box on a really good sale at michaels (and with the 40% coupon, it was practically free!).  the box isn't anything special (white frame, black background) and it fit perfectly among the many frames on our main entry wall- so surprise, surprise, i bought it!

then, our local joann's was having a moving sale and i found some sample fabric swatches for $0.50 each!  another practically free score.  in hind sight, i really wish i picked up more, but the plans i have for the other swatches are exciting...so stay tuned!

this is a simple, easy project that would take you less time that complete than it does to cook a pot of rice (as long as it's not minute rice).  i cropped the fabric to fit the frame backing and using hot glue, secured the fabric to the back.  once the glue was mostly dry, i went around again, looking for loose edges or pockets or fabric.  when completely dry, i added my little wooden men and a comb to the box (compliments of my travels overseas) with pins.
once i was happy with the placement and pinning of everything (this was actually the hardest part since the men kept falling off when i secured the glass frame to the backing), i hung it on the wall.  seriously, simple. 

this is the first time i've really worked with shadow boxes so i can see why it's better to buy the boxes with hinged glass, but all in all, i love how it turned out.  and i love the splash of color it adds to the wall.

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