spicy pickled carrots.

spicy carrots, a san diego classic.  & i'm obsessed with them.  anytime a. and i go home, we gorge ourselves on mexican food. me, fish tacos or bean and rice burritos and a. carne asada burritos.  in addition to the food, we also stock up on the spicy carrots.  the legit "-ertos" have carrots in the salsa bar & when we order, we also ask for baggies to fill up with these spicy little devils.  

still craving them when we got home, i decided to try my hand at making the carrots over the weekend. i used this recipe which was actually very easy and surprisingly, thanks to our recent juicing habit, we had plenty of carrots in the house.  the most time-consuming part of the recipe was chopping the carrots at an angle.
after prepping and cooking and letting the carrots cool completely, i poured the batch into two empty pickle jars.  the carrots are now sitting in our fridge pickling.  we haven't been able to enjoy them yet, but the time will come.  in about two weeks we're planning to pop them open, eat them and enjoy every. single. minute. of it.  
you know, we actually drool every time we open the fridge.  this could be a long two weeks.

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