a wonderfully perfect sunday morning.

sundays in my opinion, are the best way to end a week & the perfect way to start one.  i love the unassuming nature of sundays.  there's never any pressure to be productive and yet you have an entire day to do things.  make things.  go out and play.  there's a reason it's referred to as sunday, fun-day.

we're starting our sunday off with snow flurries, a playful puppy, hot chocolate and waffles.  it screams perfection...on all accounts.
lately, we've been using this chocolate with milk to make the most decadent hot cocoa i've ever had.  luckily for me, there's no better time to become a hot chocolate addict than in the winter.
as for the waffles, i settled on this recipe- and man am i glad i did.  it's terrific!  i added about 2 tsps of vanilla to the batter for a bit more flavor.  overall, the recipe made about 5 waffles.  we ate two and froze the rest for another perfect, lazy sunday morning.  enjoy!

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