stay motivated.

right now i'm trying very hard to stay motivated.  the weekend wasn't as productive as i'd hoped, but none-the-less, i have a good feeling for the week ahead.  since a. and i committed to turn off the television during the week, we've been so much more productive.  incredibly so.  and that my friends, is insanely motivating. 

here are a few things we've added to our daily lives to keep us on track throughout the week.

right now we're planning our weeks worth of meals on sundays using martha stewart's dry erase calendar. this is helping us make the most of our groceries, eat healthy and only go out to restaurants a couple times a week.

right now i'm looking into a few local and out-of-state races in the up coming year.  by committing to these races i'm eager to move more & push my limits.  and this running plan is one of the best out there.  

right now i'm trying to find ways to move more at work.  i read a great article on how sitting all day is damaging for your body, and i'm determined to not let my desk job get the best of me.

stay motivated!

*this was intended to go out this morning, i didn't change the time when scheduling- hence the late post.  i will get back on track.  i will! :)

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  1. Thanks for the motivation. You have encouraged me to try new things lately! Keep up the good work!