weekending // instagram style.

so, i'm obsessed with instagram.  i love it.  i love capturing images with the fancy filters and while i'm not the biggest fan of sharing every.single.upload, nothing prevents me from inundating my friends with an over abundance of memories.  

originally, i was on a mission to capture my week via instagram only to realize a desk job isn't that exciting.  there's only so many pictures of tea cups and computer screens and phones you would care to look at.  so instead, i compiled some of my faves from over the weekend to give you this very fancy instagram collage!  
our weekend in pictures: getting ready for brunch with the girls, finishing a project i can't wait to share, first run since our trip to san diego, breakfast at starbucks, hanging with the pup, dreaming of enough snow to play in.

it wasn't much of a weekend as it seemed to fly by, but i guess it's true what they say: time really does fly by when you're having fun!   

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