this past month, i signed up for those daily quotes that are e-mailed to your inbox everyday and inevitably turn into spam.  i've always been a quotes girl, and while i have the hardest time remembering most of them, there are a select few that stick with me always.  yesterday i opened my inbox to find a slue of quotes on success.  i'm certain the universe is telling me something.

for the last month i've struggled with my own definition of success.  i've spent plenty of days and sleepless nights trying to define what success means to me & have discovered a lot of my passions in the process.  it's going to be a long road, but to me success is way more than the amount of money deposited into your bank account.  it's about community and relationships and creativity and problem-solving.  it's about happiness and making a difference and enthusiasm.  that to me, is success.  

currently, these three quotes are my compass.  as i continue to search for my own definition of success, i have to stop and ask myself: will this improve me as a person?  encourage me to be the best form of myself, build community and foster joy?  am i excited to make changes, make a difference and bring new, creative ideas to the table?  if i can honestly answer yes, i'm on the right path.  if these elements are missing within my life and career or in any future endeavors- it's time to reassess and walk the other direction.  because that's the path that won't bring me personal success.  and i have to have faith in myself to know which is which.

as january wraps up, i'm taking these guidelines with me as i focus on my goals in february.  unlike january, i have a plan for success this month.  and while february will be the start of the implementation process, january forced me to step back, look deep within, assess and rediscover who i am and want to be.  and while my definition of success will undoubtedly change, at least i now know the best path for finding my true north.  change is coming.  and i'm so excited to know success.

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