fit printable.

happy monday!  i hope each of you had an exceptional week.  here in central new york, life is good.  we finally had our first snowfall and this weekend we played and played in the wintery whiteness.  it was fabulous.

i want to share with you a few words that inspired me throughout the week.  for me, these words were consistently motivating on days when i just couldn't find my own self discipline (it happens more than i care to admit), or felt like i was losing momentum.  so, i took some time over the weekend to create the above image to share with you.  i made this print so you could post this in your car, office, bathroom, wherever.  & if you want to, frame it and give it to a friend who needs these words as well.  

i also wanted to share this printable with you as a thank you.  thank you for reading this little space and for keeping me motivated day after day.  thanks to you, i'm learning to find motivation in the everyday- and hope between these motivational mondays and the printable, that you are too.

since this is my first attempt linking to my jpegs, please let me know if you run into any technical difficulties.  i designed this in coral, light blue and gray & would love to know your favorite.  

i hope this week brings you tons and tons of motivation to continue with your goals and inspiration to start those you've been dreaming to accomplish.  it's going to be a great week.  go!

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