it's winter...now what?

brrrr, it's cold outside.  and despite my best attempts to bundle up and hit the pavement, i've been a chicken.  severely lacking on the movement front.  because i'm cold.  and boy oh boy, do i hate being cold.  yet, i love the winter (kinda ironic, isn't it?).  

so i put together a list of activities to help me beat the winter blues and embrace this beautiful, frost-bitten world.  i figured, i couldn't be the only one needing a winter to-do list, so like the kind samaritan i am, i'll share!
i'm planning to accomplish most of this list over the winter in addition to another crazy polar bear plunge.  i hope you'll join me in making the most of this winter wonderland!  have fun!

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  1. Well my dear, it's not feeling like winter here! Yesterday it was 85 degrees and today 82, send some winter weather our way!!!!