a weekend bridal show.

over the past few months, on top of my job as a sales person (yep, that's what i do for a living), i've been assisting a local wedding designer with weddings and other events.  i absolutely love it.  this side gig is a great way for me to venture out of the corporate realm of things and get my creative juices flowing.  

over the weekend, we worked a bridal show together.  it was magnificent and so much fun.  she worked with local vendors in the syracuse area and designed a beautiful table.  i found so much inspiration in this room of creative rockstars that not only had an eye for beautiful things, but the innate capability of bringing everything together flawlessly.  basically it made me: a.) want to get married all over again & b.) throw a killer party.

here are a few of my favorite design elements from the wellwed show.  enjoy & get inspired!  there's always a reason to make beautiful things.

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