diy inspiration//pinwheel canvas

i actually found this image on pinterest a while back.  pinned it, loved it, & couldn't wait to make it.

i'm really trying to bring art into our home, both handmade and purchased.  so far, this is my first actual painting.  i love the way it turned out, and learned a lot about painting in the process.  i learned that acrylic paints may not have been the best paint to use, that i probably should have primed the canvas first and painters tape peels dried paint and paint bleeds through it.  all said and done, it was a frustrating project, since crisp lines apparently weren't in the cards for me- but in the same breath, i also found mixing paints and actually painting something, therapeutic.

here is my completely unscientific process to get you started on your very own pinwheel art!

as mentioned above, i'd advise priming the canvas first so your paint doesn't seep under the tape and ruin your lines.  using a meter stick, i started making lines a few lines from the top to bottom of the canvas to indicate the center.  once center was found, i continued making lines, paying no attention to size or width, until i was satisfied.
then i began mixing colors.  i didn't have anything particular in mind, and i'm glad it came together organically.  we have a lot of teal accents throughout our house, so that ended up becoming one of the dominant colors in this pallet.
between each color selection and painting, i let the paint dry.  this was the longest process.  & overall, i think it took me a week from start to finish to complete the canvas.  but like i said before and i'll say again, i love it!  so much.  it's a nice, modern addition to our home.  

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