30 minutes a day // motivational monday.

"walking is man's best medicine" -hippocrates

i found this lecture on debbie's blog and couldn't resist sharing on today's motivational monday.  because, if this isn't motivation, than what is?

here's the reason i like this video: it's true!  and so simple!  yet, when in a routine (or rut), the simple act of moving more can seem so incredibly daunting.  however, as the video stated and we all know is fact: being sedentary is bad for your health.  to be honest, a. & i watch way too much tv.  we probably fall into that 5 hours a day category.  & between 9 hours of work, commutes, and tv, it's no surprise we can't find time to move.  

ever since we won the new screen, tv has somehow taken over our lives.  but that's changing this week.  in an effort to save our lives, live a bit longer & get healthy, we're turning off the television this week.  

for us that means, no television while eating dinner and no tv to decompress after a long day's work.  this will also mean more projects will be completed, we'll find time to exercise after work, a. can study for his exams and i can finally finish the wall!  

i'm interested to see what kind of week this turns into and should you follow suite and omit television from your week as well, let me know how it goes.  i'm sure i'll be updating our withdrawals daily!  go!


  1. Oooh I'm interested to see how this goes for you guys! We use the TV to decompress every.day. Yikes.

  2. thanks lady! so far it's been easier than expected, but I'm already dreaming of ways to sneak in a half hour here and there. safe to say i'm an addict.